May Primary Results Display Democratic Enthusiasm for General Election

May 16, 2018

SALEM—Oregonians voted in the 2018 Primary Election yesterday, and the initial results show that Democratic candidates have an enthusiasm advantage in the race for the State Senate. Results from key contests show a wide margin of more Democratic voters than Republican voters participating in the May election.


“Senate Democrats have a strong field of candidates across Oregon, and yesterday’s election provides a snapshot of the excitement about electing Democrats in Republican-held swing seats,” said Tom Powers, executive director of the Senate Democratic Leadership Fund. “Democratic candidates won significantly more votes than their Republican counterparts, giving Democrats the edge to pick up seats in the general election.”


In Senate District 3, Jeff Golden (D-Ashland) won over 8,000 votes in a four-way Democratic primary race. He will face Republican Jessica Gomez, who with 5,500 votes barely won her two-way primary with tepid support over a scandal-ridden, gadfly Republican opponent. In total, District 3 voters cast over 16,000 ballots for Democrats compared to just over 10,000 for Republicans - an advantage of nearly 6,000 votes.


Democratic candidate Chrissy Reitz (D-Hood River), a school board member from Hood River County, won 1,500 more votes in Senate District 26 than her Republican opponent, conservative incumbent Sen. Chuck Thomsen.


In Senate District 20, Democratic candidate Charles Gallia (D-Carver) won more votes than incumbent Republican Sen. Alan Olsen (R-Canby).


“Our Democratic campaigns will build on the strong showing we see in the primary results, expanding our message to win over swing voters,” said Powers. “There’s a huge opportunity to defend and expand the Senate Democratic majority, and our team is fired up to work hard and win this November.”